Special Mortgage Programs: 

At C2 Financial, we represent 100+ lenders, giving us the flexibility to offer non-traditional programs for buyers who can't  provide, or don't wish to provide, the documentation needed for a conventional mortgage. 

  • These alternatives are particularly useful for Buyers who:   

    • Are self-employed, own small businesses, have volatile or irregular income,  

    • Retirees, seasonal and gig workers, real estate investors, owners and employees of cash businesses,  

    • Newly self-employed workers, recent immigrants, and anyone with difficult-to-document income.

  • For Buyers of investment properties:

    • You can use the subject property’s rental income/DSCR for your qualification; or, choose lower loan-to-value ratios as alternatives to conventional limitations.


  • For Buyers who wish to provide alternative types of documentation:

    • Our 'Alt-Doc' Program allows for flexible qualifying methods; including - asset depletion and/or bank statement submissions to qualify.

  • For Buyers who cannot provide any income documentation, but who have high credit scores and sufficient liquidity:  

    • Our 'EZ Prime' program offers quick qualifying based on loan-to-value, FICO, and liquidity.   This option provides great rates for borrowers with a strong credit profile and ample reserves, and greatly reduces the documentation needed for the underwriting approval.  With EZ Prime, income is not verified and the debt-to-income ratio is not calculated.