Resources for Realtors and Buyers:

  • We can close a purchase mortgage in 18 days, including the appraisal, no kidding!

  • We can provide a lender PRE-APPROVAL in 8 hours - and that can be done for "TBD" properties also.

  • Full service mortgage PreQuals available on Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 7pm.  

  • An AVM report can be provided for any property, before you submit an offer.

  • An accurate monthly payment will be calculated for any property, before you submit an offer.  


  • All PreQuals will include Automated Underwriting results - and, your buyer will be provided a copy, which can be sent to the listing agent with your contract. 

  • You will be given an actual PITI maximum $$ monthly payment that your buyer can qualify for.. rather than a 'maximum house price' - and, the PITI numbers will be rechecked before you put in a contract on any house.  

  • Escrow waivers available up to 95% LTV with no fee charged; PLUS... the escrow waiver can customized, to include both taxes and insurance, or just either one.  This is a great option for buyers who are tight on cash to close! 


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