How Can You Get THE Lowest Rate & Fees?!  

  • First, the good news is that - Loan Officer Andrew Taft, representing C2 Financial, the largest mortgage brokerage in the U.S., that has relationships with 100+ lenders - is in fact able to provide access to lender(s) that can provide highly competitive rates.  (And of course, if we are talking about the lowest rate, it would have to be with the lowest fees as well - as otherwise a 'low rate' would not be THE low rate, if the associated fees were excessive).  

  • BUT it's also crucial to mention that - the 'absolute lowest rate and fees' will only be attainable by someone with a credit score above 740, and whose mortgage loan will be 80% loan-to-value or less, and who is taking a mortgage on a free standing, single family/primary residence (versus a rent home), etc etc.   

  • When we have discussed what you are trying to accomplish and we know what your current credit scores are - then with that information in hand, Andrew Taft will in fact TELL YOU what the lowest available rate actually is, from any/all of our 100+ lenders on any day; and that will be with your scenario in mind, to include your credit scores, the loan to value percentage that your mortgage will be, the program type (Conventional, FHA, VA) etc.   ​

  • WITH all the above in mind, we will then discuss whether you prefer for the Loan Officer compensation to be paid by the LENDER, or to be paid by you.   If YOU are paying the Loan Officer compensation, then we'd expect the interest rate to be LESS than what it would be if the compensation was lender paid; and the 'Borrower Paid Compensation' will then be included on the Closing Disclosure as an Origination Fee or Origination Points.

  • And positively, this is where it gets interesting!  As in - bear in mind that:  YOUR active cooperation can CUT a huge amount of time from the raw hours that it takes to get a loan worked through any lender's underwriting systems and closed.  It could be the simplest of things; such as:   these days, most employment & income information can be automatically pulled by the lender, after you have competed the online application and given your permission for the lender to do that...but, it often happens that the lender may still request your actual W2 copies going back 1 - 3 years, etc.   

  • Do you have all that type of documentation readily at hand??  The reason it matters is - the longer a case drags on, the more hours of everyone's time will be consumed by the management of it.    Please consider that, if I have to 'politely pester you'  every day for two weeks to get the needed documentation from you, all that added effort burns time and adds unnecessary stress to the case.   

  • With the above items in mind - the bottom line is that you will achieve the lowest possible rate and lowest fees, if you can commit upfront that you will help minimize the processing and management time needed to work the case, from the initial application to the closing. 

  • And lastly please note - when you see internet ads for mortgage interest rates that seem to be a decent amount lower than what you are seeing anywhere else, and you wonder how that's possible... first CALL ME, as the chances are 99% that I can source that same rate from the 100+ lenders we represent.  BUT also, bear in mind that some lenders still do advertise 'teaser rates' - ie, rates which will only be available to a very small number of applicants that have the perfect credit AND property risk profile they are looking for.  

  • We will discuss all of the above when we start working together - and mutually decide what will be in YOUR best interests;  regarding the ultimate lender selection, program type, interest rate and rate lock period, and compensation! 


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