What's different about Andrew?

If you were to assemble the ideal skill set needed to successfully close any real estate transaction, you'd end up with a highly competent Realtor having the exact same background as Andrew!

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Realtor - 18 Years
  • Loan Officer - 9 Years
  • "J.D." - Law School Graduate
  • 15 Years - Contract Negotiations
  • 20 Years - Small Business CEO
  • 3 Years - General Contractor
  • PLUS an extensive sales & marketing background

The bottom line is: 

  • Andrew Taft has ALL the experience needed to insure that YOUR next real estate transaction will proceed smoothly and to your TOTAL satisfaction. 
  • And - Andrew has been recognized by HIS CLIENTS to be THE HARDEST WORKING REALTOR you will ever meet!

Call Andrew Today!   713-547-0047